Pesto Princess Chermoula Paste 130g Jar

Pesto Princess Chermoula Paste 130g Jar

Pesto Princess

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Chermoula Paste

Chermoula Paste is the ‘sister’ to harissa. Moroccans invented it, and they wouldn’t dream of eating fish without first slathering it in this fresh, herby, spicy deliciousness. Recipes vary from bright green pastes, pungent with herbs, to more spicy versions. We’ve gone for golden turmeric notes and a lemony profile.

Seafood and chicken will not be the same

Ingredients Vegetable oil (canola seed and/or sunflower seed), lemon juice, paprika, fresh coriander, fresh parsley, fresh garlic, salt, cumin, red chilli, spices, herbs, ascorbic acid

Allergens None. May contain tree nuts, cow’s milk, and egg. Allergen control programme in place.

Weight 130 g glass jar

Shelf life 90 days from date of manufacture, indicated with use by date on the product.

Storage Keep refrigerated <5°C. Suitable for freezing

This product is Halaal certified.


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