Meggle Creme Dual 1lt

Meggle Creme Dual 1lt


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Preparation with vegetable fat for dual usage; cooking or whipping. Unsweetened.

Meggle Creme Dual is the ideal cream alternative, suitable for a variety of gourmet and cuisine applications, savory and sweet, thanks to its superb acid and heat stability.

It adds nice full taste and creamy consitency to your meals.

  • Dual usage (for cooking and whipping)
  • It adds a full taste to food
  • Creamy like consistence
  • Excellent stability in acid environment

Store at temperature from 4 °C to 20 °C. After opening, store in a cool place (+ 2 °C to + 8 °C) and use within 5 days.

In order to achieve the optimum whipping result, we recommend cooling down the product prior use to temperature from + 6 °C to + 8 °C.

Use as regular dairy cooking or whipping cream.

In food preparation, it is suitable for connection and thickening. It gives the food full taste and creamy consistence.

Thanks to the excellent stability in acid environment, you may add various ingredients to it while cooking.

When dessert making, you may sweeten it according to need with sugar, other sweeteners or flavour it with various ingredients.

You may whip it manually, using a hand whisk or electric mixer (handheld or stand mixer).

Whip in the way considering the properties of your whipping tool and the requirements for the quality of the final product (volume, firmness, etc.).

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